Instructor / Team Coach / Personal Trainer

I have been with Dreamland Boxing for 11 years. I started boxing in high school. I made a visit to a local boxing gym in San Jose – Dreamland Boxing – and have been boxing ever since. My grandpa loved boxing, and we would always watch boxing together. I remember him telling me stories about his experience at the Thrilla in Manilla, and him always trying to excuse us from dinner early so we can watch fights. I competed under Sarge, transferred to UCLA and boxed under UCLA Boxing’s program, and then, after graduating, moved back to the Bay Area and started coaching at Dreamland. My favorite boxer is Andre Ward and I admire his ring IQ. My favorite fights are Carrales vs. Castillo; Meldrick Taylor vs. Julio Cesar Chavez; Frazier vs. Ali (I & II); Leonard vs. Hearns (I); Pacquiao vs. De La Hoya; and Hearns vs. Hagler.

In the sport of boxing, my goals are to help mentor our members to excel in life; whether it be in boxing or outside the ring. Boxing is a great way for our members to learn self-defense, instill discipline, and bring our community together. I will always remember Sarge for his mentorship, support, and belief in others, even when others had counted them out. Seeing his impact on, not only my life, but countless others, inspired me to give back to the gym in the way the gym has helped me. I am grateful for the opportunity to coach alongside very talented and passionate coaches (most of them have been here for 10+ years) as we continue the mentor the youth in our community.

Outside of boxing, I am a Certified Public Accountant and work at a venture capital firm. My attitude towards my career parallels my attitude towards boxing: to always keep learning.

I am from San Jose, CA but have been a Cincinnati Bengals fan since 2003. I founded the “4th Street Bengals”, a group that meets up every Sunday at 4th Street Pizza to watch the games. Who Dey!