Instructor / Personal Trainer

I have been with Dreamland for 4 years. My family has always loved the sport of boxing. I started boxing just as a form of working out, but fell in love with the sport. Boxing has taught me commitment, to respect myself and others, hard work, and patience. But most of all, boxing has brought friendships I will always have. My favorite boxer is Mike Tyson, and my favorite fight is Tyson v. Holyfield – both 1 and 2.

My goal in the gym is to be the best I can be, physically and mentally. My goal outside of the gym is to finish my education, and pursue a career in Law Enforcement. I would someday like to open my own Boxing Gym.

My hometown is San Jose, CA. My hobbies include my dog, motorcycles, firearms, and working out. I also enjoy spending time with family and friends.